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Word of the Day #4: Angmoh ・アンモ・ 白人・White Person

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In Singapore, we speak a kind of quirky English. This heavily accented English is called “Singlish”.

Today, I will teach you a commonly used Singlish word.

それは、「アンモ」です。意味は 「白人」や「西欧人」です。
That is: “Angmoh”. It means white person or a Westerner.

本来、「アンモ」は ある「ビン南語」という南中国の方言の言葉です。
“Angmoh” is originally a Hokkien/Minnan word. Hokkien or Minnan is a Southern Chinese dialect.

Translated directly, “angmoh” means red hair.

In the past, it’s a bit derogatory, but now it has become a commonly-used, neutral word.

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