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Special Sale at Kinokuniya / 紀伊国屋の特売

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Today, there’s a special sale for Kinokuniya members.

The whole shop was on sale, so I bought books that I can’t read yet.

The first is a JLPT N3 Practice test. Even though I haven’t decided to take the exam or not next year, I bought it because it was cheap.

The second book I got was a JLPT N1 textbook. Obviously, it’s beyond my level, but this series of books is fantastic. I’m pretty sure I’ll be using it in the future.

The last one is a book written by Yoko Ogawa and Kawai Hayao. Prof Kawai was Japan’s first Jungian psychologist. This book is a dialogue between Ogawa and Kawai. I think dialogues are easier to read than essays.

Actually, I wanted to buy Kingdom as well, but manga is bit of a waste of money.

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