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面白い食事 / A Funny Lunch

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The other day, I had lunch with 3 of my colleagues.

One of them had recently become a father, so we talked a lot about his baby.

The father had plans to bring his 11 month old child overseas. It was going to be his first time, so he was really worried and nervous about it.

突然、もう一人のKさんという同僚は、父さんに 「赤ちゃんの誕生日はいつなんですか?」 と聞いたんです。
Suddenly, another colleague named K asked him, “When is the baby’s birthday?”

“Next month,” he replied.

それで, Kさんは真剣に「じゃ、何ヶ月になるんですか?」と尋ねました。
Then, K seriously asked, “So how many months would the baby be?”

At that point, everybody became awkwardly silent.

でも、私は, もう抑えられなくて, 呵々と笑ってしまいました。
However, I really couldn’t hold back anymore and laughed out really loudly.

振り返ってみると, 思いやりがなかったけど、面白すぎで、我慢できなかったです!
Looking back, it was inconsiderate of me, but it was so funny I couldn’t hold back!

What a funny lunch, right?

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