One Week Later

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It’s been a little more than a week since I started this blog, and it’s been absolutely amazing that I’m already seeing some progress:

  • I occasionally think in Japanese: I realize that not all my thoughts are in English anymore. I do catch myself thinking in Japanese sometimes now — especially when I’m very tired.
  • I take less time to switch between English and Japanese: Before I go to my weekly Japanese lessons, I used to make myself listen to Japanese music/dialogue, read Japanese manga or whatever to basically immerse myself in the language for about 15-30 minutes before arriving class. If I didn’t, I just wouldn’t be able to smoothly transition my mind from English to Japanese, and the effects would be pretty obvious in class.

    Since I started my daily blog, I can now switch between Japanese and English more more quickly. It’s still not instant, but the warm-up period is under 5 minutes now.

On a semi-related note, this blog has become something bigger than I originally envisioned. I had just wanted a place to help me form a daily habit to write and hence think in Japanese. But as I wrote these entries, I could start to see how some of this could benefit other learners as well.

So I am making a few changes:

  • Bilingual Japanese and English Entries: With both languages, these entries could become reading material for English native speakers learning Japanese or Japanese native speakers learning English. The downside is that these entries were originally thought in Japanese, so the translation to English is a bit awkward. The other downside is, of course, that my Japanese language ability is still error-prone. I hope these get better over time.
  • Language Learning Resources and Book Reviews: Over time, I’ll be adding some learning resources that I like and use. I’m starting out with Japanese first, and eventually add English resources for Japanese native speakers. I’ll also be looking to review some of the study resources I’ve been using so far.
  • List of Linguists, Learners, Language Lovers: And finally, I’m looking out for other cool language blogs out there that are regularly updated. It’s always reassuring and motivating to know there others on the same quest as us! So if you own a blog and would like to exchange links, leave me a comment below or drop me an email!

それじゃ またね!

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