English Language Resources / 英語教材

Last Update: July 31, 2015

Sites / サイト

Apps / アップリ

  • Umano: News read to you by real people. Available on iOS and Android. Really good for listening practice!
  • Cambly: Video chat with English speakers instantly. Available on iOS and Android. Only downside is that it’s not free…

Video / ビデオ

  • In 59 Seconds: A YouTube channel that teaches you psychology tricks in under 1 minute. Very interesting content! It’s got English captions and the language is quite simple, so it’s good for intermediate English learners!


  • Pain in the English: This is an all-English site where native users can post questions on grammar when they are not sure. I’ve used this site almost 10 years ago. I can’t believe it’s still around!
  • Facebook Group – Ask native users anything: A Facebook Group by the guys behind Lang-8 that links learners to native speakers. There are a lot of native English speakers who are happy to help English learners there – including me! 🙂

Books / 本

  • The Elements of Style: This is a classic book that professional journalists and writers reference for grammar and writing style. A must have!


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