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Word of the Day #5: Kiasu・キャースー・Afraid to Lose

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Singlish Word of the Day #2

The last time, I talked about Angmoh. This time, I will teach you another commonly used Singlish word.

Kiasu has the feeling of “I must prioritise my own interests, even at the expense of others”.

Like Angmoh, this word is originally Hokkien/Minnan dialect.

Directly translated from the Minnan dialect, it means “to be afraid to lose”.

It has a quite a bad meaning, so I think it’s better not to use it. -___-;;;

Word of the Day #4: Angmoh ・アンモ・ 白人・White Person

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In Singapore, we speak a kind of quirky English. This heavily accented English is called “Singlish”.

Today, I will teach you a commonly used Singlish word.

それは、「アンモ」です。意味は 「白人」や「西欧人」です。
That is: “Angmoh”. It means white person or a Westerner.

本来、「アンモ」は ある「ビン南語」という南中国の方言の言葉です。
“Angmoh” is originally a Hokkien/Minnan word. Hokkien or Minnan is a Southern Chinese dialect.

Translated directly, “angmoh” means red hair.

In the past, it’s a bit derogatory, but now it has become a commonly-used, neutral word.

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