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Today, I received the books I bought from Rakuten’s Surugaya-a-too.

Because Surugaya-a-too is a secondhand bookstore, the goods are pretty cheap.

One book costs around 200 yen.

The shipping fee is perhaps a little high but the shipping is really fast, so I don’t mind.

It usually takes 2 days to get from Japan to Singapore.

数週前Book Depositoryで注文した本ももらったばかりです。
I also just received books I ordered from Book Depository a few weeks ago.

So now I have too many books but have not enough time to read time them. How frustrating!

Special Sale at Kinokuniya / 紀伊国屋の特売

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Today, there’s a special sale for Kinokuniya members.

The whole shop was on sale, so I bought books that I can’t read yet.

The first is a JLPT N3 Practice test. Even though I haven’t decided to take the exam or not next year, I bought it because it was cheap.

The second book I got was a JLPT N1 textbook. Obviously, it’s beyond my level, but this series of books is fantastic. I’m pretty sure I’ll be using it in the future.

The last one is a book written by Yoko Ogawa and Kawai Hayao. Prof Kawai was Japan’s first Jungian psychologist. This book is a dialogue between Ogawa and Kawai. I think dialogues are easier to read than essays.

Actually, I wanted to buy Kingdom as well, but manga is bit of a waste of money.

Word of the Day #1: 自閉症 ・ autism

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自閉症 ・ じへいしょう ・ autism


この本の作者は東田直樹と言う、日本の自閉症の少年です。この本を書いている時、東田さんはまだ十三歳でした。この本は「自閉症が僕を飛翔させる理由」が書いてあると言われています。 この本は自閉症の心理状態と世界について書かれています。

英訳の題名は “The Reason I Jump”です。翻訳者はデイヴィッド・ミッチェルさんです。ミッチェルさんはクラウド・アトラスを書た、有名な作家です。ミッチェルさんの奥さんは日本人なので、東田さんの本が通訳できました。

今、The Reason I Jumpを読んでいますが、いつか、原書が読みたいです。


Today, I watched The Daily Show. The Daily Show’s presenter, Jon Stewart, introduced an interesting book. Normally, Jon is pretty nonchalant when he introduces books on his show. But Jon was unexpectedly passionate while presenting this time, so I became interested in the book.

The book’s author is a Japanese autistic boy called Higashida Naoki. He was only 13 when he wrote the book. The book is called “The Reason the Autistic Me Jumps”. The book is about the psychological state and the world of autism.

The English translation’s title is “The Reason I Jump”. The translator is David Mitchell. David is the famous author who wrote “Cloud Atlas”. He could translate Higashida’s book because his wife is Japanese.

Right now, I am reading “The Reason I Jump” but one day I would like to read the original book.

In the meantime, I’m trying to read Higashida’s blog. There are a lot of things I had never thought about before, so the autistic world is illuminating one.

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